Opportunities to Strengthen Your Family´s Bonds

We all want to believe that our lives have mattered, and we will leave behind a footprint.  Why not leave our legacy in the hands of those who knew and loved us most, our family?” Family foundation board member interviewed for The Power to Produce Wonders: The Value of Family in Philanthropy.

A thoughtfully designed philanthropic strategy can be a powerful way to unite even families that are dispersed across the country or the world.  Family members with very different life experiences have the chance to  find common ground in their family’s values and legacy.  Whether they choose to give jointly, to give independently to a common cause or simply to recognize their individual contributions, a shared philanthropic process provides a positive touchstone.

Philanthropy can also be a teaching tool for future generations.  Actively participating in evaluating opportunities and making funding decisions can help members of the younger generation develop valuable skills long before they have similar roles in the family business.  For some parents, philanthropy as a family activity can also be “a hedge against overly selfish, self-absorbed, materialistic, ‘rich kid’ behavior.”(Family Foundation Board Member in the National Center on Family Philanthropy´s The Power to Produce Wonders)

The Philanthropic Intelligence team helps families get the most out of their giving by:
Being a catalyst for positive discussions about the family’s wealth
Facilitating constructive conversations among family members
– Bringing clarifying and reinforcing their shared values and legacies
– Guiding healthy decision-making processes
– Effectively engaging new generations
– Offering an independent voice and objective information throughout the process