How we can help

What’s Your Dream?

Giving away money should be easy, right?  But it’s not always that simple.  At Philanthropic Intelligence we help individuals and families make the greatest impact on the issues they care about and derive deep personal satisfaction from their giving.

Powerful Giving Strategies
Philanthropic Intelligence works with donors in the US, Spain and Latin America to design powerful giving strategies that are tailored to their goals.  We start by understanding the issues that matter to our donors, their personal goals and what each donor wants to bring to the table.  Our definition of “philanthropy” includes the spectrum from donations to impact investments.

Giving effectively in the 21st century can be complex. The Philanthropic Intelligence team does the research so our donors understand the key elements and context of an issue. We stay in touch with a worldwide network of leaders and scholars to inform our work with clients.  we help our donors analyze and creatively leverage what’s already out there, coordinate their efforts with nonprofit, private sector and government partners, and encourage innovation that builds on what’s been done before.   We guide donors and families so that they can fund solutions that take full advantage of their gifts, their talents and their potential to influence others.

Focus on Donors’ Priorities
Philanthropic Intelligence ensures donors’ time and resources advance the causes they care about and respond to their personal and institutional priorities, such as:

  • uniting different generations of their family
  • leaving a lasting legacy
  • taking advantage of their own professional expertise and/or connections
  • creating value for their family company
  • experiencing firsthand how their gifts make a meaningful difference to others

Our Services
We provides new and experienced donors with objective guidance, tailored expert advice and efficient, confidential assistance throughout their giving process.

  • Finding or refining your focus: Articulating your philanthropic priorities and goals, as an individual, as a family and/or as a family owned business
  • Research and analysis: The information you need to make wise giving choices
  • Tailored strategy design: How you can leverage your resources for greatest impact, satisfaction and joy
  • Implementation planning: Negotiating the nuts and bolts and working with your financial and legal advisers to achieve the  impact you want to see
  • Execution support: Handling the day-to-day of your giving strategy
  • Evaluation and Learning: Stimulating continuous improvement

To learn more or simply ask us a few questions,  call us at 207-213-0023 or send us an email here.  We’re always eager to talk about philanthropy!