A philanthropic initiative that is as strong and high impact as your business ventures

: A businessman whose young adult nephew was just diagnosed with a rare and debilitating disease wants to “do something more powerful than just write a check” in response:

Process: Philanthropic Intelligence begins by talking with the nephew and his young wife about their struggles with the disease and what kinds of support or research could literally “changes the lives” of sufferers. We  then research the most successful patient centered models for more common illnesses in Spain and abroad and identifies promising wellness initiatives that specifically target young adults. Next we taps our client’s experience in technology investing to prioritize three initiatives that could be implemented in Spain at a reasonable cost. Philanthropic Intelligence invites representatives from six highly regarded relevant healthcare entities (private, public and nonprofit) to these ideas. One idea captures the imagination of everyone and turns out to be an excellent strategic fit with a small, innovative nonprofit based in another region of Spain.

Results: The donor funds a pilot project replicating one of the most promising early detection and intervention strategies using an internet platform that is easily scalable if successful. He, his nephew. and other family members help recruit additional medical, technology and media partners and even manage to speed up a critical regulatory hurdle. The pilot is currently in second phase, has already sparked interest among international ,experts and funders in the Philanthropic Intelligence network , and looks promising for a countrywide roll-out that will be named after the businessman’s nephew.

At the same time, the connections made by the donor in both the healthcare arena and the regulatory agencies turn out to be useful in his latest for profit venture, a healthcare technology investment fund.


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