You want your philanthropy to be effective and joyful.  And your time is precious.

Working with Philanthropic Intelligence means you can spend your time on the aspects of giving you enjoy most, whether that means visiting projects, staying on top of the latest developments and innovations in the field, bringing allies to the table, selecting grantees, hearing the perspectives of your children or grandchildren, or simply observing how your philanthropy improves your community or strengthens your employees’ commitment.  We can do all the rest.

With a combined 22 years of experience in the foundation and nonprofit worlds and for-profit consulting backgrounds, the Philanthropic Intelligence team can help you avoid common pitfalls and frustrations faced by donors.  We’re used to “translating” between the nonprofit and business worlds to ensure conversations between potential donors and nonprofit leaders are positive and productive.  Thanks to our network of extraordinary colleagues, we can help you efficiently navigate the complex eco-system of nonprofits, public actors and private initiatives.  For both donations and impact investments, we know how to carry out the right level of research, analysis and due-diligence for your needs without reinventing the wheel and how to help ensure projects have what they need to keep moving forward once they are launched.

We also realize that philanthropy is only one facet of your wealth management and estate planning.  We work closely with your financial, accounting and legal advisors to ensure that your philanthropic strategy contributes to a coherent wealth management approach.