Peace of Mind

Every donor and family is different. You may want to shine a light on your giving or you may want to keep your philanthropy completely low profile and anonymous.  The professional advisers at Philanthropic Intelligence respect your wishes while doing the research, due diligence and post-investment follow up to ensure your donations and impact investments meet your expectations and fit your risk profile.

As a donor, you might not feel comfortable delving into the effectiveness or practices of potential grantees … much less asking probing questions of organizations you already support. At Philanthropic Intelligence we know the questions to ask to understand the strengths and weaknesses of nonprofits and organizations seeking impact investments, and how to ask these questions in ways that are respectful and constructive.

We believe an investment is just the beginning of a successful philanthropic relationship.  You’ll want to know how your contribution is helping, without burdening the recipient with cumbersome reporting.  We can help identify the best mix of follow-up and reporting mechanisms for your investments.

Philanthropic Intelligence values transparency, strictly avoids conflicts of interest and follows the Code of Ethics of the National Network of Consultants to Grantmakers.  We pride ourselves on being thoughtful advisers who offer objective information and a perspective that comes from years in the field to help donors meet their goals.